Understanding The iPhone Glass Repair Process

As an iPhone user, you likely understand that this type of smartphone is immensely expensive. Although the majority of consumers will be able to acquire the phone for free, by entering in a lengthy contract, others prefer purchasing their phone upfront. Taking the latter route will give you the ability to save money, but it may put more responsibility onto your shoulders. Once your phone’s warranty has been voided, you will be responsible for keeping it in tiptop shape and this may require fixing the phone’s screen. Unfortunately, the iPhone glass repair services in Houston can be somewhat costly. Why? Within this guide, you’ll be able to find out.


Apple’s Costs


When one of your electronic devices malfunctions, you’ll likely feel the urge to make contact with the manufacturer. This is often a wise choice, since the manufacturer should understand the device better than pretty much anyone else. Of course, if your phone’s warranty is no longer in date, the company will impose some hefty fees for their services. The overall cost will depend on the warranty and contract, but could cost nearly seven hundred dollars or more. With this in mind, it is generally smart to explore other solutions, until you find one that is a little more affordable.


3 Pieces


Before going any further, you should understand that the iPhone has a screen, which consists of three individualistic components. First and foremost, you will have the glass, which rests at the top. There is also a digitizer. This component is responsible for translating your finger’s gestures into actions. Finally, you will have the LCD, which is the last piece of the puzzle and actually sits behind the other two components. Take note that you will have further difficulties, if the LCD is damaged. Replacing this specific portion of the screen is much more complicated and will require a professional’s guidance.


However, if the LCD is working properly and the other components are damaged, the repair will be much more simplistic.


DIY Vs. 3rd Party


When attempting to find a reliable iPhone glass repair solution in Houston, you should realize that you’d have several options at your disposal. First, you may want to consider fixing it on your own. The process isn’t too complicated and you should be able to pull it off, as long as you take your time and work slowly. It is also somewhat less expensive to take this route. On the other hand, it is always possible to hide a 3rd party to fix the problem.


Although their services will be a little more costly, they’ll deliver additional peace of mind and will normally be well worth it. Just make sure you do a bit of research, before settling for a repair company.




When it comes down to it, the iPhone glass repair can be costly, but it will be well worth it in the end. Remember you have several roads that you can choose to travel, but only one of them will be best for your specific situation. Be sure to take your time, explore your options and finally move forward.